In his own words -- Trump on deregulation

January 25, 2018

President Trump addressed his administration's deregulatory ambitions -- and progress to date -- at a Dec. 14 White House event. Here's some of what he said (full text is here):

"We’re here today for one single reason: to cut the red tape of regulation. For many decades, an ever-growing maze of regulations, rules, restrictions has cost our country trillions and trillions of dollars, millions of jobs, countless American factories, and devastated many industries. But all that has changed the day I took the oath of office, and it’s changed rapidly."

"We’re cutting years of wasted time and money out of the permitting process for vital infrastructure projects. We’re scrapping and really doing a job in getting rid of the job-killing regulations that threatened our autoworkers and have devastated their jobs over the years."

"Within our first 11 months, we cancelled or delayed over 1,500 planned regulatory actions — more than any previous President by far. And you see the results when you look at the stock market, when you look at the results of companies, and when you see companies coming back into our country."

"In 1960, there were approximately 20,000 pages in the Code of Federal Regulations. Today, there are over 185,000 pages. . . . We’re going to cut a ribbon because we’re getting back below the 1960-level, and we’ll be there fairly quickly."

"We know that some of the rules contained in these pages have been beneficial to our nation, and we’re going to keep them. We want to protect our workers, our safety, our health. We want to protect our water. We want to protect our air and our country’s natural beauty."

"According to a survey by the National Small Business Association, the average small business today spends $83,000 to comply with a single regulation in just its first year of existence. Small-business manufacturers also bear an enormous ongoing burden spending an average of nearly $35,000 per employee each year. Incredible."

"With billions and billions of dollars wasted, regulation is a stealth taxation. So many of these enormous regulatory burdens were imposed on our citizens with no vote, no debate, and no accountability. Now there is accountability."